Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new resource from Living the Questions featuring John Bell

I'm thrilled to see this new addition from the Living the Questions family. 

From their website: 

Singing the Unsung – Liberating the Song of God's People 
Featuring John Bell

Singing the Unsung is a new DVD resource designed especially for music leaders, worship design teams, and pastors seeking the revitalization of worship for the 21st century. Featuring world-renowned musician and theologian John Bell, Singing the Unsung guides the participants' reflection on the theology of the Church's song and offers practical techniques on how we can sing and pray together with integrity.
With footage from workshops and worship in both the U.S. and in Scotland, the two DVD discs include nine 30-minute video segments and introduce 30 songs from around the globe for congregational or choral use. Along with the downloadable discussion guide the sessions may be utilized as individual segments or multi-day to multi-week workshops or classes.
Their other resources have been top-notch, specifically Living the Questions (both 1 and 2), and Saving Jesus (although the background soft jazz was a little cheesy for my taste). 

I've got a copy on order and will have a review of the materials after they arrive.